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[2000] The PRteam : Soft Core

The PRteam bring you a post-pop experiment in super-delic funky lo-fi-delity. All tracks are sponsored by mind altering substances and alien abductions. If you can't tap your feet and scratch your head then you are probably one of the living dead, either way you are going to love this album so much you will immediately stick it up on the pirate bay and give it to a bunch of strangers for free.

This album was originally released in the year 2000 on mp3.com, but then, well, you know what happened. Now it is back on a variety of long tail distribution sites.
[1999] John e Normal : Redundant

A collection of dystopian soundscapes crafted using rhythms inherent in the industry of media and technology. Each of these tracks takes a series of ambient noise loops and builds them into a crescendo of unavoidable hopelessness and despair. Come and ride the wave with us into the apocalypse.

This EP is not recommended for patients with a history of depression.
[1998] Clokwork : Greatest Hits

The final collection of hits from everybody's favorite super band. The Clokwork corporation was proud to enslave these boys with an exploitative record deal and finance their cocaine addictions. This collection summarizes the rise and fall of the Clokwork crew through the world of Newcastle indie-rock. Get it now before it ends up in the bargain bin with huge ugly stickers on it.
[1996] Clokwork : Crumbed Clokwork Schnitzel

After their ear splitting debut EP, Clokwork are back with a sample laced and über hooky funk rock hybrid album to get out of your straight jackets and into the parking lot with a molitoff cocktail in hand. Chow down on the rotten schnitzel and laugh your arse off.
[1995] Clokwork : Product

A long time ago, in a land far away, there were a handful of boys that liked rock, punk, metal and funky shit.

Before they incorporated and turned themselves into McToys, these boys knew what was coming at ya, it's live, it's raw, it fills a certain gap in your record collection.