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The Darkness 24 日 02 月 2010 年
The darkness is more than just absence. It is an ecosystem of unimaginable things. We all know this when we are born. But we soon forget...

Before the darkness came, my life was as full as anyone's. Appointments, responsibilities and fast food. All of them chewing away at the tail of my life expectancy, and weakening my grip on this world.

When it came, I was just driving my car. The first thing I noticed was the steady shrinking of the orbs of light thrown out by the headlights.

I felt as though my eyes were slowly closing. I blinked, I rubbed at them, but the spheres of light continued to contract.

And then the whispers began. As the light gently faded they grew louder. I stopped the car and ran beneath a street light. It too was receding. The whole world faded around me, replaced by an endless darkness,...
and the whispers.

They say I am lucky to be alive. It was only a minor seizure. A passing stranger brought me help quickly enough that I came back to this world.

But now I know that fortune is on the side of the dead, because the darkness is coming,... and it wants more than my life.